Gecko Green Supreme Lotion

Gecko Green Supreme Lotion - 4L

Gecko Green Supreme Lotion – 4L. Supreme Green Massage Lotion is unlike anything available today, it’s simply amazing. With an effortless glide and luxurious consistency, it offers excellent versatility, work-ability and absorbency.  Gecko Green Supreme Lotion will out perform many lotions that are double the price.

Gecko Holly Oil

Gecko Holly Oil – 4L

Gecko Holly Oil – 4L is a blending of essential oils in a clean, light oil base. It spreads effortlessly on any skin type and lasts forever, seldom needing any reapplying. You will experience unbelievable coverage and after wiping off, it will leave your patient’s skin feeling well conditioned and clean. This low cost medium is a very hypo-allergenic product. It is also non-staining, has a very clean feel and leaves your patients feeling moisturized.

Gecko Holly Gel

Gecko Holly Gel - 4L

Gecko Holly Gel – 4L is everything Gecko Holly Oil is, only better. This product starts thick which allows the Gel to stay in your hand while warming and spreading effortlessly on your patient’s skin. It has a clean, light feel and exceptional glide and is also a good medium for Essential Oils. Gecko Holly Gel towels off nicely, leaving your patient feeling fresh. This product has recently been reformulated with cutting edge ingredients. It’s a truly and amazing product.

Gecko Gold Massage Gel

Gecko Gold Massage Gel - 4L

Gecko Gold Massage Gel – 4L  is a luxurious blend of Carrier oils thickened in part by Bee’s wax in a clean light formulation. If the Gel is placed in a glass of warm water, it completely emulsifies turning the water cloudy, others do not. This makes a huge difference when trying to keep the laundry free of stains or having your patient feel fresh after a massage and even having the product wash off your hands. Gecko Gold Gel is very therapist friendly. On patients that are hairy or have dry skin it moisturizes and leaves your patients feeling clean. Essential Oils absolutely love this perfect medium.