Anti-Flamme Herbal Relief Creme (100 x 8gm Samples)

Anti-Flamme Crème contains natural ingredients that are well known for their pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. This unique formulation has demonstrated excellent safety and effectiveness in over 15 years of use by healthcare professionals, athletes and consumers. Since Anti-Flamme Crème does not contain any capsaicin or menthol, it is less likely to cause burning or irritation to the skin. This becomes an important consideration when daily or repeated application is required. While the mild and pleasant peppermint scent of Anti-Flamme Crème dissipates rather quickly, it helps to sooth and relax the muscle tissues, which enhances the therapy experience.

Pain creams which “heat you up" or “cool you down” are classified as “counter-irritants” and usually either contain menthol (cool sensation) or a hot pepper extract called capsaicin (hot sensation). When these substances are applied to the skin, they create a “new irritation” or “counter-irritation” relative to the actual source of pain. This “new or counter-irritation” actually works by distracting the brain from the original source of your pain. However, “counter-irritants” do little to address the actual cause of your pain. So, after the effects of the menthol or capsaicin wear off, your pain simply returns. These products tend to have either a strong medicine odor, and/or irritate the skin, especially after multiple applications. Anti-Flamme Crème which only has a mild and soothing scent, does not just distract you from the pain, it actually helps to reduce the bruising, swelling, inflammation or muscle spasm that is causing your pain. Active Ingredients: Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum, Calendula officinalis, Oil of Peppermint

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