Myo-Ther Signature Massage Lotion 4L

A Superior lubricating lotion that provides long-lasting friction-reducing lubrication that is easily washed off. The lotion applies smoothly to the skin and is hypo-allergenic, odourless, and can be used as a carrier for essential oils. The lotion is water-soluble and washes easily out of sheets and clothing, leaving no residue begin to build up rancid smells.


Characteristics: This creamy white lotion has a luxurious texture and is viscous at room temperature. Performance: Myo-ther Massage Lotion applies smoothly to the skin, clarifying and spreading evenly with body heat. The formulation contains millions of tiny droplets that remain on the surface of the skin for long lasting lubrication, eliminating the need for constant re-applications. Odourless: It is odourless and can be used as a base, allowing you to customize the lotion to your own requirements with essential oils. Hypo-Allergenic: The lotion is hypo-allergenic for patients and practitioners with sensitive skin and has a neutral pH. Clean Up: Myo-ther Massage Lotion wipes off the skin easily leaving it feeling soft and silky. It is removed completely with soap and water. Water Soluble: It is water soluble and will not stain most materials, washing out of clothes and sheets easily. Myo-ther Massage Lotion leaves no residue in the sheets (unlike other products with nut and seed oil bases) preventing the buildup of rancid smells and extending the life span of sheets and towels. Bacteriostatic: The mineral oil in the lotion will not support microbial growth.

Price: $56.95

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