Myo-Ther Essential Massage Gel (paraben-free) 4L

Myo-ther Essential is an all-natural, all-purpose oil-based massage gel. It warms and spreads easily, providing exceptional coverage and workability. It is specifically formulated for both clients & therapists with skin sensitivities using the most hypo-allergenic natural ingredients available. It does not contain parabens, mineral oil, nut oils, added fragrances or scent neutralizers.

Characteristics: As an all-natural oil-based gel, Myo-ther Essential warms and spreads easily with body heat. It has a non-greasy, pleasant feel. Performance: Myo-ther Essential provides exceptional coverage, spreadability and workability. It is effective for all massage techniques. Natural: Contains no parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. Fragrance: Myo-ther Essential contains no added fragrances or scent neutralizers. Formulation: Myo-ther Essential is specifically formulated for clients and therapists with skin sensitivities. It contains the most hypo-allergenic natural ingredients available (no nut oils). Clean Up: Myo-ther Essential easily wipes off after a massage, and washes clean with soap and water. Properties: Each of the ingredients us in Myo-ther Essential has soothing and moisturizing properties.

Price: $66.00

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