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The Relax-a-RollerĀ is a foot and body massage tool created and manufactured by Tom Woloshyn based on an original concept that was developed by Stanley Burroughs. Made in Canada

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Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel – 2 litre – Limited quantity left!

Your search is over. You have found the ultimate massage medium! In fact, Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel will be the only massage medium that you will want to use!

Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel is a deluxe, water-soluble gel that offers a sensational, silky skin ‘feel’ like no other. This exquisite massage gel works with the therapist transitioning easily from long, relaxing strokes to deep tissue work and back to relaxing strokes with no re-application necessary.

Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and our signature blend of Calendula, Arnica & St. John’s Wort, Tournesol Ultra Performance offers the many benefits of a luxurious oil and the ease and versatility of a lotion. Tournesol Ultra Performance will easily wash out of your sheets.

This product is no longer in production. Once our inventory is sold it will be discontinued.

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