Is your body naturally flat? Of course not!

The bodyCushion is a high-tech, high-quality body positioning system that allows a person to lie in any position without unnecessary pressure on soft tissue areas. Supporting the body on its bony structures – clavicles, ribs, sternum, pelvis – enables the body’s soft structural components to relax, deeply.

The bodyCushion is unmatched in enabling this effect. When the body is relaxed, all types of therapy are easier and more effective. The positioning of the patient on the bodyCushion affords the practitioner complete access to body parts and muscle groups in ways not possible if the patient is lying on a flat table, even using pillows and rolled towels.

Body Support Systems, Inc. is located in Ashland, Oregon. Its primary product is the bodyCushion. Tom Owens, the inventor, and developer of the bodyCushion founded the company in 1986.

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Showing all 7 results