Lotion and Gel Sample Pack


Lotion and Gel Sample Pack: Includes lotions, gels, creams, and cleaners from Gecko, Myo-ther and Genie Plus, all made in Canada!


    Lotion and Gel Sample Pack  – Want to try something new? Sample massage lotions?

    These products are made in Canada!

    Lotion and Gel Sample Pack includes:

    Gecko Holly Oil, Holly Gel, Supreme Lotion, and Gecko Gold Massage Gel.

    Myo-ther Signature Lotion, Complete Lotion, Advantage Cream, Essential Gel, and Genie Plus

    Samples are Free, but CanadaPost shipping isn’t!

    Gecko Green Supreme Lotion
    Myother Essential Natural Massage Gel
    Genie Plus Table Cleaner

    Gecko Massage Supply Co is a therapist owned and operated company that creates and manufactures the highest quality body work, facial, and skin care products specifically designed for massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and Doctors, Body workers, Salons, Spas, and alternative health care professionals.
    All products are, hypo-allergenic and break down in warm water. They are non-staining and have no scents or scent neutralizers in them.

    Paradel Products Limited Founder Paul Rapai said: I wanted a massage lubricant that would be affordable; hypo-allergenic for both patients & practitioners; have no odour; have a luxurious creamy texture; liquify from body heat for easier application; not be absorbed through the skin; provide long-lasting lubrication; be water soluble so that it would wash out of sheets & clothing completely – leaving no discolouration or rancid odours; have a neutral pH; not support bacterial or fungal growth; be an excellent base so that therapists could customize to their own requirements/liking with essential oils; wipe off the skin easily leaving it feeling soft & silky not greasy; and have an extended shelf life.


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