The Relax-a-Roller is a foot and body massage tool. Made in Canada.

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    The Relax-a-Roller is a foot and body massage tool created and manufactured by Tom Woloshyn based on an original concept that was developed by Stanley Burroughs. Made in Canada.

    The unique design imitates the reflexive or pressure point effect of Vita-Flex on the feet and the body with a massage tool that can be used at any time with great results. It is particularly effective on the feet as the pyramidal designed points break up the tension of the feet being pressed flat by the weight of the body. Within seconds of use one can feel the feet relax and pain eases away. The reflexive effect also balances and relaxes the rest of the body. It has endorsements from chiropractors, naturopaths and reflexologists and is recommended by the International Institute of Reflexology. It is considered to be the best foot roller presently available.

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