Wartenberg Neurological Pinwheel

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Stainless steel Wartenberg Pinwheel wheel,  to test nerve reactions.

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    The Wartenberg Neurological Pinwheel , also called a Wartenberg pinwheel or Wartenberg neurowheel, is a medical device for neurological use. Robert Wartenberg (1887–1956) designed the wheel to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) as it rolled systematically across the skin. A Wartenberg wheel is generally made of stainless steel with a handle of approximately 7 inches (18 cm) in length. The wheel, which has evenly spaced radiating sharp pins, rotates as it is rolled across the flesh.

    • Revolving steel pins, for skin testing.
    • Chrome plated handle
    • Stainless steel pinwheel is used for neurological testing.

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    Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 cm